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About Us

We are a locally owned and operated nursery and gift shop in the heart of the Bennett Valley neighborhood of Santa Rosa, with something for everyone to enjoy! We carry a wonderful selection of annuals and perennials for home gardens and landscaping featuring traditional favorites and all of the weird and wonderful varieties you can’t find at the big box stores.

We also stock organic soils, fertilizers and chemicals for pest management in the garden, gloves, hand tools, and all the basics you’ll need to get your garden started.

We strive to carry the best stock of beautiful, unique, and healthy indoor plants to decorate your homes with.


And don’t forget the gift shop! Inside you can find all sorts of gifts ranging from handmade jewelry to artwork for your walls, even plant accessories like macrame hangers and cute cache pots to give your plants the extra flare they deserve.  If you can't find the perfect gift today, get a gift card! 

Over the years, we’ve gathered a knowledgeable and passionate staff to help you find just what you need for your garden, landscaping, or home projects. Each of us enjoy gardening and caring for plants, and we are dedicated to helping set you up for success no matter what you’re planty project is.

We hope that when you visit us here at Bennett Valley Gardens you feel inspired by the space we’ve created, and that you leave with the perfect plant, gift, or plan of action for your home and garden needs, and hopefully a few new friends!

If you have questions about what we carry or the services we provide in store, please contact us here

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